Secure Offsite Document Storage

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We provide peace of mind by ensuring that your

document are stored in a safe and organized environment that complies with the highest standards and regulations


Documents storage is a vital part of effective document

management. As a thriving business you can’t afford

to misplace or lose essential documentation.

By law, publicly traded companies are required to

retain records over a specified period of time and

without a document archiving system in place

paperwork can become overwhelming and



Rents me can offer you secure document storage

so that you have more time to concentrate on your core business. Documents will be placed in specially designed storage boxes for safe keeping.  Boxes are filed according to your company’s requirements.


Our aim is to:

  • Ease your load in managing and storing documents and archives

  • Reduce your rental cost or optimize your space

  • Reduce your document storage, retrieval and life cycle management cost

  • Provide you with quick, easy and guaranteed access to any of your documents

  • Increase your productivity and growth

  • Provide safety and protection for your documents against loss, theft, fire and degradation risks


The Benefits of our Document Archiving Services


Effective document management

Boxes is stored and properly recorded for easy and secure access.


Document Security

Fire- Our fire prevention facilities include hand held extinguishers and smoke detectors which are connected via control panels to our security office.


Theft – Multiple physical deterrents have been installed. In addition CCTV cameras installed and monitored on a 24 hour basis and have a direct link to the security company’s control room.


Unauthorised access – Only individuals that have been authorised by our customers and our security-cleared personnel have access.



As a service to our clients Rent Me can scan all documents before storage in order to provide you, our client with an electronic version of all stored documents.


Document destruction

Each box is allocated a destruction date according to the laws that government them and our customers requirements. Prior to this date, you will be provided with a printout of all the files flagged to be destroyed. Only with your written authorisation will we proceed to eliminate these files.


Our software allows us to manage storage periods according to the required statutory retention periods.  We are alerted of documents that are up for destruction which means that we can manage the cost of storage to our customers in an optimal way.


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