How does self storage work?

It is simple and easy. You choose a unit, do paperwork, move in until you decide to vacate. You will be the only person who has access to your unit and have the option to put your own lock on the door, or to purchase a high-security lock from our friendly staff.


What is the minimum time I have to store my goods?

One month. If you decide to move out you only have to give us 30 Days notice. It is your choice, if you do not give us notice, you will continue to rent on a month-to-month basis.


How long can I store my goods?

Self storage is an affordable extension to your home or business, located right in your neighbourhood. You can store with us long as you require.


Do I have to reserve a unit before I get there?

You don't have to reserver a unit, but it is advisable. To ensure you don't lose the storage space that best suites you, you can reserver a unit by paying a deposit. Check with our staff to book your space now.


What are the store hours?

You will have access to your unit between 06h00 to 20h00 7 days a week. Gates are closed from 20h00 until 06h00 every day.


Can I store anything I want?

We would like you to store anything you need, but there are some restricitons. 

Items that is not suitable for self storage, and we do not allow our customers to store these in our secure storage facilities are:

• toxic,pollutants or contaminated goods

• firearms, munitions or explosives

• radioactive materials

• hazardous goods

• living plant or animals

• cash and securities

• illegal goods

• waste


You lock and you keep the key

Because you purchase your own lock and only you keep the key, only you will have access to the goods you put into the storage, Piece of mind guaranteed.


Rental period

Is a lease agreement required?

Yes. Before you move into a self storage unit you are required to sign a lease agreement in which all terms and conditions of tenancy are clearly outlined. Download the lease agreement for detailed information.


How long is the lease period?

No long term commitments are required as our rental contract is on a month to month basis.


What is the minimum time I can store my goods for?

The minimum rental period is one full calendar month.


What is the maximum time I can store my good for?

There is no limit and your agreement is extended automatically each month until you issue one full calendar month’s written notice to vacate your storage unit.


What if I want to move in from a date which is not exactly the end of the month?

Should you require to move in before the commencement of the next full calendar month you will be required to pay a prorata charge as well as the next full months rent on signing the lease.


What if I want to move out on a date that is not exactly the end of the month?

If you decide to move out a few days earlier than the last day of the month, you will still be charged for the full calendar month.  The last month of your stay is always a full calendar month. No prorata deductions are made on moving out.


How do I terminate my lease agreement?

You can terminate the agreement by issuing us with written notice of one full calendar month.


When is my rent due?

Rent is due in advance on the fist day of each month.  Your first instalment is due when your unit is booked.  Thereafter rental will be automatically paid by debit order from your account on the first or second working day of the month.


Will I receive a monthly VAT invoice?

A copy of your storage lease agreement together with your proof of payment serves as a valid VAT invoice for SARS purposes. We do not issue invoices.


Which methods of payment do you accept?

When booking, your first months rent payment can be made by Cash, EFT.  Thereafter, monthly rentals are strictly payable by debit order, or two months rental by EFT or cash.


The price quoted will always be inclusive of VAT.

We do not require a one month’s deposit.


What if I do not pay?

If your rent is not paid at close of business on the 1st calendar day, your

account will be in arrears. Access to your self storage unit will be reffused and

a R150.00 administration charge will be levied on your account.  If payment is

not received by the 15th, the self storage unit must be vacated before the end of

the month.


Can my goods be sold?

Only if we are unable to contact you and your account is in arrears by more

than one month.  Please make sure that we have your latest contact details so

that we can make arrangements to bring your account up-to-date. Signing a

debit order and making sure that there is enough funds in your account to meet

the debit, will prevent this.


What other contract terms apply?

Contracts are available from the site office or you can request a copy here.


Can I be dispossessed of my goods?

Rest assured "Rent Me" Self Storage is in the storage rental business and we are

not interested in taking over your possessions.  Only if your account falls into

arrears, and we are unable to contact you or to get hold of you to move your

goods out of the storage facility, will we consider removal of your goods from

your self storage unit in order to rent the storage space to someone else. 

Therefore to protect yourself make sure your account stays up to date and We

Always have your latest contact details.  If you do run into difficulties, talk to

Us, we have a few options that we can discuss such as trying to find you a

smaller (and thus cheaper) storage unit, helping you to sell surplus or un-

needed goods or recommending that you make available.



Although Rent Me provides a high security environment, you are ultimately responsible for the goods you are storing and insurance for your stored belongings is advised.  You may be covered under an insurance policy you already have.  Check with your insurance Broker.


Here is what you will need to book your self storage unit

Renting a self storage unit is like renting any other property.  We aim to make this as convenient as possible and your move can be completed in a matter of minutes.  To ensure that you get the best service when renting a self storage unit with us, we’ve compiled a self-storage checklist of items you need to bring when you’re ready in order to begin renting from us:

  • Proof of ID (ID/passport/driver’s licence)

  • Proof of address (bank statement/utility bill)

  • Debit order instructions

  • 1x  Month’s security deposit (equivalent to one months rent)

  • Rental Agreement signed


We sell packaging

Need boxes or bubble wrap? Talk to us for help.



14 Hours access

You have access 14 hours a day 7 days a week, so you can access your goods, use your equipment or grab that microwave the minute you need it. Gates close at 20h00 and open at 6h00 in the morning.



  • The perimeter fence consists of 2,5 meter electric and palisade fence activated 24 hours a day.

  • This fence is connected directly to an armed response company (ADT).  The alarm is activated either via a panic button carried by our security guard or automatically if the fence is tampered with.

  • We make use of converted shipping containers that are made of solid steel all round, alleviating the biggest weak link in a storage unit namely the roof which is usually just a thin IBR sheet. Our roofs are made of steel with IBR on top of the steel for extra insulation and protection.

  • Each storage unit can be securely locked with at least two locks, of which the tenant keeps the key

  • The premises is floodlit

  • One guard dog running free at night

  • CCTV Cameras monitored 24 hours a day at our security company control room.



Can I drive right up to my unit?

You can drive right up to a park outside all units, allowing you to load and offload your goods directly and easily.


Can access to the premises after hours be arranged?

Please Note gates are closed from 20h00 to 6h00.  Our security procedures do not allow any after hour’s exceptions.


How often and when can I access my unit?

You can access your storage space as frequently as you like within the stipulated gate hours.


Can I bring helpers with me to assist with my move in or at other times when I require assistance?

Yes, however persons may not be left unaccompanied. You or one of your registered users must be in attendance at all times.



We can assist with the following transport:


Option 1

If you do not own a bakkie or trailer, and would be more comfortable personally handling the transportation of whatever it is that you need stored, we can provide it at an additional rate per day.


Option 2

We deliver to your home or business a self storage room for you to load your belongings into. You don't need to hire vans or keep re-handling your effects over and over as you would with a traditional storage company.


We Deliver, you load, we collect & we store.

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